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Between Friends zeroes in on the delicious little nitty-gritty details of the lives of three fifty-something women friends.  Office politics, motherhood, romance and the pros and cons of Botox…nothing is sacred between Maeve, Susan and Kim in this contemporary, caffeinated and humorous woman-to-woman world.

Witty and personal, sometimes poignant and candid, this slice-of-life strip celebrates the essence of women in all their stress-filled, scintillating glory.

Between Friends appears in 175 newspapers in 10 countries as far and wide as Australia, India, South Africa and Guam.



Harv is married to Susan.  An all-around modern male and supportive spouse, he is a funeral director and the orderly yin to Susan’s messy yang.

Tina and Carson

Tina and Carson are Susan’s office buddies.  Tina is the mother of two teenaged boys and Susan’s confident during bouts of office politics.  Carson is a carefree maverick who always seems to avoid trouble…not to mention work.


Derek was a single father before his marriage to Kim.  Derek teaches high school English.


Helen:  Helen is Maeve’s office assistant and sounding board at the office.  A 20+ veteran of marital bliss with Grant and mom to university students, Amelia and Mark, Helen is a no-nonsense straight shooter who frequently gives Maeve relationship advice…whether she wants it or not.


Maeve is a sophisticated and savvy divorcee with a fast-paced successful career as a sales executive.  One of these days she hopes to meet “Mr. Right,” but not quite yet…she’s having too much fun skipping from one romantic escapade to another.


Kim is creative and introspective.  As a feminist, freelance writer, she enjoys the perks of flexible career…like irregular paychecks.  She is married to Derek, a widower and mom to her stepson, Danny.  She is on the threshold of facing the empty nest as Danny will soon be off to university.


Susan is wry and self-doubting.  She’s married to Harv and has an adopted daughter named Emma who has just hit the teenaged years.  Always two steps behind her life, Susan’s goals are to spend time with her family, score some personal time and maybe get to the gym once a month.


Emma is Susan and Harv’s adopted daughter.  A teenager in high school, Emma is everything Susan is not…organized, efficient and in control…except when the teenaged drama hormones kick in.


Danny is the teenaged son of Derek and Kim.  About to leave home to go to university, he really should learn to make his own sandwiches.


Sandra Bell-lundy

Canadian Sandra Bell-Lundy began her career as a cartoonist by creating comics for her university campus newspaper, a women's networking newsletter and newspaper ads.

After developing a cartoon strip, which was loosely based on a group of her friends, she self-syndicated it to a number of southern Ontario dailies for four years.

In 1994, her comic Between Friends attracted the attention of King Features and is now syndicated to 175 newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle, the Seattle Times, the Arizona Republic, the Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette.  In addition to Canada and the United States it appears in ten countries including Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Sweden, Australia and Guam.

Sandra lives in Welland, Ontario with her husband Tim and their two teenaged children.  She has received awards from the B.C. Association of Clinical Counselors and from the North American Council on Adoptable Children for special story arcs she has written.  She was also featured on the Canadian national morning show, Canada AM for her story arc about domestic violence.  Between Friends has been collected in three books.  Her Between Friends characters were recently utilized to assist the Canadian Cancer Society in their campaign to promote regular mammograms in the early detection of Breast Cancer.



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