by Countess Tea

Today is the last day to order Dan Piraro’s limited-edition T-shirt featuring his “Devolution” comic. Twenty percent of every sale goes to Jane Goodall Institute’s global youth-led community action program, Roots and Shoots!  Fans can purchase the shirt here:

Here's the cool art from the tee shirt:


Speaking of devolution, we wanted to give you some tips for keeping internet conversations from quicking devolving.  As Comics Kingdom gets bigger, and there are more people commenting, with more diverse opinions and ideas about our comics, it's easier to run afoul of someone who disagrees with you.  We want everyone to enjoy posting here, and to keep the conversations friendly!  Friendly arguments and debates are great and can be a lot of fun, but they're no good if someone leaves feeling like they've been personally insulted for sharing their opinions. 

So here's a little primer-- in comic form!


Comics Kingdom's terms of use policy does not tolerate foul language, name-calling or disrespect aimed at our cartoonists, comics fans, subscribers and other commenters.   If you have any questions or complaints, or wish to report a concern, please contact We reserve the right to ban any user or strike any comment that we feel is inappropriate or disrespectful to our cartoonists and fans. 

Thank you! 






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