by Countess Tea

Well, it's a brand new year-- welcome to 2015!

Today is also the twenty-fifth anniversary of Baby Blues, and I'd like to start off the post by wishing Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott,  Darryl, Wanda, Zoe, Hammie, and Wren a very happy twenty-five years!  

In keeping with both themes, I've got some very special New Year's Babies to share with you today: our amazing cartoonists passed along some of their favorite baby and childhood pictures.  Look what a cute bunch!

I'm either trying to do an impression of Dr Evil or eating my hand.  

--Jonathan Mahood, Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog

Here I am dressed as a cowgirl, inspired by Roy and Dale, of course!

--Stephanie Piro, Six Chix

--John Hambrock, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

I guess I was learning to walk that day.

And as an extra bonus:  

I've always wanted to haul out some old pics of my character as a baby.... here she is...

--Rina Piccolo, Tina's Groove and Six Chix


 Here's a photo of me being held by my grandmother (mother's mother)

--Jim Margulies, Editorial Cartoonist

--Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey

Here I am  just after Christmas 1952 outside our house in Levittown,  LI, (age 8), the proud owner of a genuine Jerry Mahoney ventriloquist's dummy.  It's not a doll!---My sister Nancy  has a doll, possibly a Betsy Wetsy.  Years later, my "Dollboy" character may be related...

--Bill Griffith, Zippy the Pinhead

This is a self portrait from when I was in grammar school.
--Isabella Bannerman, Six Chix


That’s me with my little brother Tom around 1958 on the front porch of our house on Clearview Avenue in Cincinnati. With a couple of older sisters, this may have been the first time Mom had found the time to take a picture of me since I was born.

--Jim Borgman, Zits

My brother David and I outside 107 Kilburn Park Road, London,1960. We're standing beside Dad's car (a Mayflower). I'm the one drawing.

--Kieran Meehan, Pros & Cons


I touched this up because my parents always said I was born with drawing pen (and pencil, and paintbrush) in my hand.

--Terri Libenson, The Pajama Diaries


--John Rose, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith


This is little “Hank the Menace” his official Dennis overalls, too!

--Marcus Hamilton, Dennis the Menace

--Alex Hallatt, Arctic Circle

And just to throw in a little extra, here's my own baby photo!


Best wishes for a great new year to everyone!




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