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Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. April is National Poetry Month, so this week's Top Ten comics are all about poems! And even more exciting news: King Features has a new print feature, Poem-A-Day, which you can read in your daily newspaper!

So as April winds to a close, we hope you will celebrate the last remaining days of National Poetry Month with our round-up of poem-themed comics and new Poem-A-Day feature!

1. Between Friends shares a poem about growing older and feeling stronger:

 2. Pierce from Zits needs help with a rhyming question:

 3. Ted from Sally Forth wrote a sweet love poem:

 4. Do you know what famous bedtime poem this Mutts comic strip is referencing?

 5.  Or this sweet Family Circus one?

 6. Six Chix shares a funny take on a popular Robert Frost poem:

 7. Speaking of Robert Frost, what if he took the road more traveled by? Rhymes with Orange explains:

8. A rhyming verse about working in Retail:

9. Pajama Diaries shows us how inflection counts in favorite poem words:

10. And finally, where does Jeff from Marvin & Family get his good poem ideas? Hmm...
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