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Maybe it’s just the fact that I know I’ve got to clean my kitchen tonight, but it seems like all the characters on DailyINK are doing their chores:

THE PAJAMA DIARIES has a look at how life has changed for moms over the years:

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And we can see that in action in GIL, where Gil’s mom can barely find the time for a well-deserved nap.

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And Tillman Tinkerson has equally high expectations of his dad, Ted, in TAKE IT FROM THE TINKERSONS.

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While the moms of ZITS and HI & LOIS are having a bit of a battle of the teenaged sons, as we get two very different reactions to the request to take out the garbage.

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Cosmo of SHOE has difficulty with even the smallest of tasks:

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Over in THE LOCKHORNS, Loretta’s given up any hope of getting Leroy to do much of anything but stare at the TV. Hey, he’s probably in shock from that Game of Thrones episode like everyone else, right?

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But Darryl of BABY BLUES considers himself a real Chore Hero:

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And Kim of BETWEEN FRIENDS is feeling a twinge of premature empty nest syndrome that is actually making her WANT to do extra work:

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Have a great weekend, and don’t work too hard!

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