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Well, here in New York, it’s been alternating between pretty darn hot and pretty darn rainy. Which means that it’s time to come up with things to do indoors.

The characters on DailyINK seem to have the same idea this week, and they’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the television.

BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH’S friends in Hootin’ Holler are excited about Duck Dynasty:

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While Sarge is giving BEETLE BAILEY the side eye after watching The Walking Dead:

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Stanley of THE BETTER HALF and the cats of RHYMES WITH ORANGE prefer PBS:

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DUSTIN is having a small personal crisis related to the age of the TV shows he watches. (Really, Dustin?! You’re barely older than those kids in your class.)

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Over in SHERMAN’S LAGOON, Sherman is having a personal crisis, too: over what he’s allowed to eat. Silly friendship, always getting in the way of sating hunger.

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But in BABY BLUES, Wanda and Darryl are suffering from the opposite problem: They can’t find anything they WANT to eat.

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TODD THE DINOSAUR is likewise having an eating-related crisis:

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Todd’s not the only one who got his teeth cleaned this week. It’s apparently also high on the list of things to do this week. Earl of MUTTS is sporting a shiny new grin:

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And over in SIX CHIX, even Death is getting a talking-to from the dentist:

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Which reminds me, I’d better not wait quite THAT long to make an appointment for a teeth cleaning! Whoops.

Be right back, stuffing my face with chocolate BEFORE I brush my teeth!

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