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How’s everyone’s week been?

It’s been a pretty exciting one for Karl and the rest of the cast of BLEEKER THE RECHARGEABLE DOG, who participated in National Robotics Week this week:

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But Earl of MUTTS has spent the week concerned about the plight of his cousins, the wolves, who have been taken off the endangered species list.

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Over in DEFLOCKED, Tucker’s been conflicted about leaving behind his childhood toy, Mr. Tatters.

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It seems like the rest of the DailyINK crew has spent the week watching television!

Errr, apart from the BABY BLUES kids, who can’t stop arguing enough to enjoy their show:

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Abby and Len of EDGE CITY, on the other hand, don’t really care what they’re watching, as long as they can spend time together:

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Whereas Jill and the girls enjoy television for the opposite reason in THE PAJAMA DIARIES:

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Les of FUNKY WINKERBEAN is on the verge of having a television movie made of “Lisa’s Story.”

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MALLARD FILLMORE is disappointed in the quality of news programs that skip real news to talk about new gadgets:

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And Lyndon’s patient in PROS & CONS is experiencing rage over the TV news to a whole new level:

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And GIL has been watching entirely too many reality shows:

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Meanwhile, TODD THE DINOSAUR and Trent are impressed over the perfect hairstyles of the characters on “Game of Thrones.”

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…At least I’m assuming it’s “Game of Thrones,” since that’s exactly what I’ll be watching this weekend!

Have a good week!

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