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Oof! We’re getting pelted with snow as I write this blog post. How much? Let’s leave that to RHYMES WITH ORANGE to tell us!

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It seems like the theme of the week is bad habits, folks.

BUCKLES is having trouble staying off the couch:

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Ed Kudlick of DUSTIN doesn’t shower after he goes to the gym:

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SHOE is having trouble giving up smoking:

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Gus and Carlos of TINA’S GROOVE are behaving like Neanderthals:

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THE LOCKHORNS are having marital woes about the position of the toilet seat:

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Gwen of ARCTIC CIRCLE is a compulsive shopper:

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Tucker of DEFLOCKED is cheating on tests:

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Hammie of BABY BLUES has been wetting the bed:

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Grimmy of MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM needs to learn not to text while he’s crossing the street:

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And finally, TODD THE DINOSAUR is playing sick to get out of schoolwork:

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Meanwhile, I need to clean my bedroom and stop reading so many comi—no, wait, that’s a GOOD habit!

Speaking of reading comics, there’s no one who reads (and pokes fun at) as many comics as The Comics Curmudgeon. We’ve got to thank Josh for being such an avid fan of DailyINK. If you’re joining us from over there, hello and welcome!

Have a great weekend!

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