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Hi, there! Yesterday was Pi Day for everyone who writes their dates “3.14.” And Pi Day apparently made Dagwood Bumstead of BLONDIE pretty hungry:

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I’ve got to admit, pie charts make me hungry sometimes, too.

I’m hoping all that pie makes up for Daylight Savings Time beginning—it’s been tough to adjust to the spring forward. Chip of HI & LOIS and TODD THE DINOSAUR are both having trouble getting up in time for school:

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Paul of BUCKLES needs a little extra help to get out of bed:

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And Ed of ARCTIC CIRCLE is having difficulty falling asleep. Poor guy! At least he has an unorthodox way of dealing with it:

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When Sara of ZITS can’t sleep, she just uses Calculus:

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CURTIS may not be having trouble adjusting to the time difference, but Barry is keeping him awake, nonetheless:

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Billy of FAMILY CIRCUS is less worried about Daylight Savings than he is about the declining stockpile of snow:

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But not everyone is disappointed by the arrival of DST. GIL’s mom, Cheryl, is excited to have the extra hour of daylight in the evening:

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I’m pretty excited about that, too! It’s so nice to come home from work and still have sunlight to read comics by! Enjoy your first full weekend of DST, and hope all those of you who are still sleepy catch up nicely!

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