by The King

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a specific topic. Keeping with the season, this week’s topic is all about New Year's Eve! How will some of our beloved characters celebrate the end of 2013? Find out below!

1. The Baby Blues parents get invited to a party! Will they get a sitter in time?


2. Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog has his own ideas on how to spend New Year's Eve:


3. Blondie and Dagwood are throwing a New Year's Open House:


4) Mister Wilson from Dennis the Menace gets a New Year's Eve surprise:


5) Dustin's parents have a plan ready for New Year's Eve:


6) Emily the Babysitter from Edge City is getting special treatment:


7) Dethany from On the Fastrack has her New Year's Eve costume ready:


8) The Shoe characters are using balloons to celebrate the new year:


9) Who in The Tinkersons will be able to stay up until midnight?


10) And finally, Tina's Groove shows us a chart of what happens on New Year's Eve:

What New Year's Eve-themed comics are you reading and loving? What theme would like to see for the next Tuesday Top Ten? Post your ideas in the comments below!

Happy New Year from your friends at Comics Kingdom!




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