by The King

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a specific topic. Keeping with the season, this week’s topic is holiday-shopping themed!

1) Dustin's mom is re-living some of her favorite holiday memories:


2) Hi and Lois' Dot has an idea for the perfect gift for her mom:


3) Hagar the Horrible is a tough Viking, but he has finally met his match:


4) Between Friends' Susan is worried she is forgetting something in the shopping madness:


5) The Family Circus kids think they have discovered their mother's favorite store for holiday shopping:


6) Leroy of The Lockhorns has an "innovative" idea to avoid holiday shopping:


7) Molly from Moose and Molly is very excited for holiday sales:


8) Marla from Retail is tired of customers comparing Grumbel's to Big W Mart:


9) Rhymes with Orange tries to decide when gift-giving goes overboard:


10) And finally, Dennis the Menace is busy trying to find the perfect gift for his beloved neighbor, Mr. Wilson:

What holiday shopping comics are you reading and loving lately? What theme would like to see for the next Tuesday Top Ten? Post your ideas in the comments below!

Happy holidays and happy shopping from your friends at Comics Kingdom!




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