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Last week we ran a poll to decide the DailyINK community’s choice for “Favorite Mandrake Storyline”. We’re excited to announce that the winner, with over 50% of the vote, was The Sign of 8, which ran 16 Aug 65 to 5 Feb 66.


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Today, in our Mandrake Fan Poll #4, we turn our attention to the fearless females behind MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN. For our poll, we have chosen our two favorites for the DailyINK community to vote on. We also encourage you to write in any other lady characters you loved in the comments below.


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NARDA- (first seen in the daily story The Hawk 26 November 1934 to 23 February 1935)

The beautiful Princess of the small European province of Cockaigne, she inspired Mandrake’s love and many rescues over the years, finally marrying Mandrake in 1997.


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ALEENA –(first seen in the daily story Aleena the Enchantress 28 April to 20 December 1980)

One of Mandrake’s villains, she was educated at the College of Magic in the same class as Mandrake and Derek, but misuses her abilities for ill-gotten gains and especially tries to destroy Narda and seduce Mandrake.

Whose your favorite? Vote right here:

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We’ll announce the DailyINK community’s choice for “Favorite Female Character” in a blog post next Monday.  And be sure to check back often for more Mandrake polls, special historical posts, and other fun surprises. And don’t forget to follow along on the DailyINK Facebook page  and Twitter page as well.




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