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Happy Friday, all!

I just wanted to bring your attention to this neato SLYLOCK FOX cartoon! Count Weirdly travels back in time to give a tip of the hat to comics great George Herriman and his creation, KRAZY KAT (which you can read in our Vintage section!)

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Last week, everyone was deep in the chill of winter, but it seems like we’re starting to look forward to spring! CRANKSHAFT is planning his garden already:

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We’ll see what kinds of headaches that causes! There are other types of headaches to be caused over in BABY BLUES, where Darryl’s won tickets to see Zoe’s favorite boy band.

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Meanwhile, the big topic on everyone’s mind this week seems to be their stomachs!

In ARCTIC CIRCLE, the penguins learn that mushrooms and taxidermy don’t mix:

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While Stanley of THE BETTER HALF discovers the same thing about cheese snacks and investing:

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But the ice cream man in HI & LOIS has just hit the winter treat jackpot!

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RHYMES WITH ORANGE takes a look at table manners through the ages:

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In BARNEY GOOGLE & SNUFFY SMITH, the folks of Hootin’ Holler have caught up with the times in some ways but not others:

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TODD THE DINOSAUR is hungry for anything but artichokes:

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And of course, BUCKLES is just plain always hungry:

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…And that’s making ME hungry! Off to have a snack, folks!

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