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We know the best holiday gift of all is laughter, so we have compiled the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide with products featuring today’s funniest and most beloved comic characters. From the latest comic collections and ever-popular DailyINK gift subscriptions to ceramic coffee mugs, 2013 calendars and, last but not least, this season’s must-have Lancôme makeup travel kit that will help all lovely ladies get “Betty Boop eyes,” our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide offers a little something for everyone on your holiday shopping gift list. Happy grins are guaranteed!

Click the descriptions to buy direct from retailers. Note that prices are accurate as of the publishing of this guide and may change.


One Month DailyINK Gift Subscription $1.99 ArcticCircleIntroEbook_Revised BETTY BOOP 2013-2014 Pocket Planner $5.99 RHYMES WITH ORANGE “Grape Juice” Magnet $4.99 MARY WORTH "Advice" Drink Coaster $8.99 BETTY BOOP Santa Ornament $9.99 MUTTS: "A Shtinky Little Christmas" $9.99 POPEYE "Strong to the Finish" T-shirt $17.00 One Year DailyINK Gift Subscription $19.99 BABY BLUES 2013 Daily Calendar $18.00 “BEETLE BAILEY: The Daily & Sunday Strips 1966” $14.99 BETTY BOOP "All This" Thermos $19.99 BLEEKER "S.T.E.M." Mug $13.99 RHYMES WITH ORANGE "Empty Glass Society" Drinkware $12.99 "THE EDISON FILES: Notes from the Lab" $15.95 "HAGAR THE HORRIBLE: The Epic Chronicles 1977-78" $19.95 "BONK!: A MUTTS Treasury" $19.99 "SHERMAN'S LAGOON: Think LIke A Shark" $12.99 "THE PAJAMA DIARIES: Deja To-Do" $14.95 "TRIPLE SHOT, DOUBLE PUMP, NO WHIP: A ZITS Treasury" $16.99 2013 ZITS Daily Desk Calendar $18.00 SNUFFY SMITH: "Hillbilly & Proud of It" Mug $14.99 BARNEY GOOGLE "Bo-Ho-Ho" Christmas Cards $13.50 BETTY BOOP 2013 Hardcover Scheduler $16.99 "SAFE HAVENS: I Married A Mermaid" $15.95 "ON THE FASTRACK: Bailout" $16.95 "BBXX: BABY BLUES: Decades 1 &2" $35.00 Lancôme BETTY BOOP Mascara Set $34.00 "FUNKY WINKERBEAN: Vol. 1, 1972-74" $45.00 "BLONDIE: Volume 1" $49.99 "POPEYE Vol. 1: The Great Comic Book Tales" $29.99 "The Dingburg Diaries: ZIPPY THE PINHEAD" $29.99 BETTY BOOP "Pinups" Framed Photo $149.99




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